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Hangzhou Tianma Metrology Technology Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Tianma Metrology Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City, with very convenient transportation and superior geographical location. As a professional manufacturer of metering calibration equipment for gas meters, water meters and various flow meters, our company has a group of technicians who are professionally engaged in the research of flow measurement technology. They have long been committed to the field of flow measurement and control. And the scientific research institute has a good cooperative relationship to ensure the leading position of the company's products in this industry.

Our Advantage

As a professional manufacturer of gas meters, water meters and various flow measurement testing equipment, the main backbone of the industry,

Our company participated in the drafting of the National Metrological Verification Regulations of the People’s Republic of China [Water Meter Verification Device JJG1113-2015] and the Machinery Industry Standard of the People’s Republic of China [Bell-jar Gas Flow Standard Device JB/T 12961-2016]

And the National Metrology Technical Specification of the People's Republic of China [Calibration Specification for Active Piston Flow Standard Device JJF1586-2016]. At the same time, the [high-precision bell-type gas flow standard device] developed by our company won the Zhejiang Science and Technology Award (third prize),

[Piston-type gas flow calibrator based on the principle of zero balance adjustment] Won the Zhejiang Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Science and Technology Inspection Award (first prize),

It demonstrates our company's professional technology research and development and manufacturing capabilities.

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    Dedication-Dedication, Dare to undertake, Collaboration-Obey the overall situation Collaborative cooperation Rigorous-Meticulous, Be careful, pragmatic-Pay attention to science and seek truth from facts


    Become a professional manufacturer of measurement and calibration equipment with core competitiveness and core values


    Create benefits for society, create value for customers, and create opportunities for employees


    Respect individuals, take talents as the cornerstone of innovation, create a new era of measurement technology with the Tianma culture of innovation and far-reaching


    Tianma metering, flow solution, more efficient and accurate